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First and foremost, I love people. My years of working in corporate America laid the foundation for my chosen career in real estate. My experience has contributed to the values I bring to the table as a realtor; I operate with integrity and a close attention to detail that yields positive results for my clients.


Part of what I love the most about this job is getting to meet some amazing people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. It allows me to become a part of their stories and their memories in a behind-the-scenes way. It’s not easy to pack up a home; a house is more than just four walls, it’s your whole life story. It’s going to be emotional, and that’s okay.


When my husband was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s, life changed for us in an unexpected way and pushed us into a new phase of life that we weren’t necessarily ready for. It’s been an immense honor getting to help others navigate this journey with my involvement in the Sisters and Central Oregon communities through the Alzheimer’s Association and Living Well With Dementia Sisters


In my spare time, I can be found roaming the woods near my home with my dogs Mac and Sophi.

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